I've completed my month candida cleanse, and want to thank you for helping diagnose my condition. It's been a long journey with more and more symptoms sprouting up, so your role in nailing the issue to the wall has been an incredible gift. This month I've experienced more energy and stillness than I've ever felt before, quite the blessing.
So, good news! As soon as I went to New orleans, the coughing went away - the first night. Turns out I do indeed have a mold allergy. I am making the motions to move out of the moldy house and have not slept there in weeks. I feel great.
I visiting Doctor Curry for help with an eye infection which would not go away. She knew what to do right away and prescribed a great antibiotic ointment that cleared my eye right up. I highly recommend Dr. Curry. Daniel Johnson
Dr. Mindy Curry is a talented healer, an exceptional herbalist and passionate primary care physician. She is well-verse in using food and herbs as medicine along with conventional Western medical treatments.

Dr. Curry has taught me the wonders of eating vegetables in new and exciting ways. Her use of herbal medicine is approachable and effective. Dr. Curry takes the time to personally gather plants to create high potency tinctures, lotions, oils and teas. Her approach to medicine is evidenced based yet respects time tested remedies. Dr. Mindy Curry is a great choice for your journey to health.
I was skeptical when Dr.Curry prescribed an herbal remedy for me. I trust her advice; it's not that! I just know that I don't like tea and how I don't usually like to take herbs; how they just lay around till they get too old.

But this time she gave me a honey infusion of one herb and a tiny bottle of tincture of another herb. Dr. Curry said to daily take 1 tsp. of the honey and 1/2 tsp. of the tincture and she suggested I could even mix them. Well, mixed together they were so tasty that I was even able to add to the mix a 1/2 tsp. of a powdered herb she'd also prescribed, and it still tastes goodl! Magically, my herbal medicine is now my after dinner treat! Caroline Tollefson